In • Lovely • Relaxed

Founded in 2016, ILR sprang from the abundant cultures flourishing in Taiwan’s migrant society. Absorbing the essence of these unique cultures from across the world, this brand has delved deep and found its spirit and its own uniqueness. With an ethos based on inclusivity, it is brimming forth with new aspects both familiar and strange.


ILR likes to look at the world from a new perspective and change the rules with innovation and design. We like to interpret our life experiences differently and showcase our inspiration through real-life, tangible items.

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Beauty in Simplicity • Born for Romance

Comfort and freedom are your new best friends as you float on air, no matter where you walk. These superb shoes with their clean elegant lines make a fine sartorial addition to your wardrobe with the added delight of comfort and ease. The cool spunky colors are perfect for a nature or art lover and will brighten up your day instantly


No matter where you are in the world, ILR is the perfect way to hit the right spot for whatever your mood maybe. ILR is for those who seek perfection but don’t want to compromise on comfort.